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General Election: When Printing Campaigns Go Wrong
The announcement of a snap General Election surprised us all this April, and many printing specialists sprang into action offering their services to create banners, leaflets and letters to provide crucial aid in the political party’s campaigns. Unfortunately, in the panic to deliver their products one company made a mistake - that is every printer’s nightmare!

Labour MP Ian Murray today posted a video tweet to his personal Twitter account apologising for an error which had occurred on his campaign letter, the short video begins with the composed MP facing the camera holding an A4 letter to which he then explains “So, we’re into a general election and today I sent thousands of these letters to local residents and as always happens in general election campaigns mistakes and errors are made…” turning the letter in hand, Murray shows us a blank page “if you turn to the reverse of this letter you’ll see my record of being an effective Member of Parliament, but if you do turn it round nothing, nada, ziltch! It’s actually blank due to a printing error at the printers.”

The MP then goes on to reveal what in fact should have been printed on the back of these thousands of campaign letters, signing off the video Murray jokes “If I had bothered to put anything on the back of this, that’s what it should have said.”

The printers in questions, respectfully aren’t named in his video, however needless to say it’s a mistake many of their competitors will want to avoid.

If your business is supporting a local party during the General Election, no doubt you are facing an increasing work load! Why not speak to Kings about additional support? Kings can provide skilled temporary members of staff to support all areas of the printing industry – get in touch today and avoid a mistake like this one!