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August 2017 Candidate Brochure
Facilities and Archiving Assistant   (ID: 11604)

In his face-to-face interview with Kings, this gentleman came across as honest and reliable. Having recently been made redundant, from a Facilities Assistant role, he is looking for a new opportunity to utilise his skills he has acquired from his 15+ years continuous work history within a major international financial firm. His duties included; organising couriers, dealing with clients face-to-face covering the Helpdesk, monitoring and ordering stationary and performing basic maintenance tasks on all photocopiers situated around the building ensuring they were in working order and ready to use. He was also responsible for assisting with archiving items and the recalling of boxes requested by various departments.

Reprographics Supervisor   (ID: 11561)

This loyal and client-focussed lady has 20+ years within a Reprographics Supervisor role at her previous firm. It was her concern to deliver high-end client facing printing, such as bids for new strategic business, marketing materials and presentations. Further to this she was responsible for managing and prioritising bookings made on the firm’s online system, managing internal budgets and delegation of work to the relevant department. Her technical knowledge includes Creo and Fiery workstations, Ricoh, Canon and Xerox large format printers, editing using Adobe Acrobat Pro and various finishing equipment, including wire binding, scoring unit and lamination up to A3.

Digital Reprographics Operator   (ID: 11570)  

After his face-to-face interview our Kings Consultant asserted that this gentleman was ‘very warm, communicative and friendly’. His skills knowledge is extensive, covering both large format and high volume printing, with operational knowledge of Ricoh, Canon and Xerox equipment. He has been recently been made redundant from his role at a management consultancy firm, where he was responsible for printing presentations, client proposals and marketing materials. He also has skills within print finishing having operated a Morgana guillotine and booklet maker as well as binding and laminating machinery.

Experienced Reprographic Operator   (ID: 11611)

As a valued member of Kings specialist temporary reprographics team, this lady carries out assignments in the print rooms of many of our clients based in the City, often at very short notice. She possesses a wealth of knowledge across print, IT, post, scanning and print finishing and is currently looking for a permanent opportunity in which she can utilise her broad set of skills. We have had fantastic feedback from our clients regarding our candidate, one expressed that “she is a brilliant worker and gets on with the job”. During her time temping for Kings, she has worked in Local Government and Councils, Legal environments and corporate firms. In this time she has worked as both a Reprographic Operator and in a supervisory capacity as a Team Leader. She informed us that she is happy in either role.

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