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Kings visit the Print Show 2017!
October marked one of the biggest events in the print industry calendar with the Print Show 2017, celebrating the industry's culture and history across the busy three day exhibition at the The International Centre in Telford.

Opening its doors to the biggest names in print, it’s a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest technology and products available on the market.
Events such as The Print Show introduce businesses to the newest production equipment and finishing options available, allowing them to continue to expand their services’ capabilities and ultimately allow them to say ‘yes’ to more of their customers, regardless of the complexity of their request. 

The event entails a Printers’ Bazaar, inspired by Asian street markets, visitors can roam and explore a wide variety of product examples from software to speciality paper or even witness innovative and niche print technology in action! 
Arriving at the Print Show
Arriving at the Print Show!

But it’s not all about exploring the new! Appreciating the rich and fascinating history that today’s print industry is built upon, The Print Show 2017 offers visitors a look into the pioneering techniques and technical excellence that inspired today’s products and equipment, including hand cranked presses, the first offset litho machines and letterpresses. The Traditional Print Masterclasses gives visitors a hands-on experience of these machines. 
Letter Press
Lisa with her print
Here is our consultant Lisa having a lesson on an 18th Century letterpress printing machine!
We also spent time visiting some of the newest releases available on the market, including Canon's Oce Colorado 1640 launched in March this year. The printer boasts a top speed of 1710 square feet per hour while POP prints at 430 square feet per hour, ensuring the highest quality. 
At the heart of the fastest 64-inch roll-to-roll printer is Canon's recently announced UVgel technology. This technology combines a radically new UV curable ink that instantly gels on contact with the media, setting new standards for quality, productivity and operating costs. 
Colorado printer
Getting up close with the fastest gel ink printer in the world!