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Kings' Guide to GDPR
You will have most likely noticed a barrage of emails flooding your Inbox, all with one topic in common: GDPR.
Each email uses similar wording mentioning how important your trust and privacy is, but very few explain what is actually causing this ripple effect of emails from thousands of companies in the first place.
With so much information out there, it can be difficult to understand how the changes will affect you; at Kings, we have a simple guide with everything you need to know about the legislation.
What is GDPR?
General Data Protection Regulation is the new European Union privacy law, which will come into effect on the 25th May 2018. It is the EU’s biggest personal data shake-up since 1995.
The new law will supersede all previous laws relating to data protection, with the aim of bringing all EU member states under one umbrella by enforcing a single data protection law.
In short, it means there will be more transparent and strict guidelines on how your data is processed, used, stored or exchanged.
What will change?
In the full text of GDPR, there are 99 articles setting out the rights of individuals and obligations placed on organisations.
From the 25th May, pre-ticked boxes can no longer be used to indicate consent to a company’s terms and conditions. Your consent must now be explicit with clear guidelines about what information the company will take, how they will use it and the period of retention they choose to abide by.
Organisations will now be required to demonstrate the security of the data they are processing. They will also need to implement substantial technical and organisational measures to demonstrate their compliance with GDPR on a regular basis.
Who is in charge?
In the UK, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport is the government arm responsible for ensuring that UK law complies with the requirements of GDPR. They will not have control of the day-to-day elements of GDPR once it is enforced.
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will enforce the new law; they have the power to conduct criminal investigations and issue fines.
Will Brexit matter?
Despite the new law coming straight from the European Union, the UK is currently in the process of implementing a new Data Protection Bill. This Bill will include all the provisions of the GDPR; there may be some small changes but our own law will largely be the same.
While GDPR is a piece of EU law, the government has made it clear that when we leave the EU in March 2019, the UK will remain signed up.
How will it affect me?
One of the main aims of the new law is to give people more control over their information and as such, there are enhanced rights for individuals. 
You will no longer have to pay to request to access your information stored by a company. This right is now free and organisations must comply within one month.
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