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May 2019 Temporary Candidate Brochure

Digital Reprographic Operator     (ID: 11636)

An experienced Digital Reprographic Operative, with 20 years’ experience within the industry, working for some of the most prestigious law firms.

He has experience of:

- Xerox DC7000, DC8000, 4100, DT6155 and 6180
- iGen3 and iGen4
- Oce 6250 and 6650
- MFD fleet care
- ACT trained
- Velo, comb, wiro binding, Magnapunch, Guillotine, and Drills
- Fiery command work station
- CD burning and archiving

Scanning/IT Support      (ID: 11875)                                                                           

This gentleman has had a number of long term contracts through Kings working at our city Law Firms, Finance Houses and Business centres. He is often asked back by name in view of his excellent skills and his personable manner. 

Experienced in the following:

- Law software – Exporting documents and data files
- Handling confidential and security documentation
- Scanning, OCR and Kofax skills
- Producing E-Bibles
- Law Pre-discovery
- Digital/Repro & Binding/Finishing of documents and presentations
Floor  Champion      (ID: 12150)

Our Floor Champion has been working in the facilities area since 2010. He is simply the ‘main man’ for all those special jobs! Our clients tell us that he is always there to help and whatever is asked of him is never too much trouble.

His skills include:

- Sorting and distributing mail, forwarding to correct depts
- Booking in and arranging couriers
- Consumables replenishment and ‘floor walking’
- Archiving and clearing records
- MS Office – clearing aged emails
- Loading bay support and general messengering

Logistics Support      (ID: 12203)

This charming gentleman has recently completed a booking which started as a ‘one week booking’ and went on for 19 weeks!   

His experience and skills cover:

- Porterage including heavy lifting
- Clearing disused furniture and filing cabinets
- Assisting with re-cycling
- Monitoring stationery levels and replenishing stock
- Clearing boxes of un-used stationery and aged paper stocks
- Additionally he is a skilled painter and decorator
If you are interested in any of these temps, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 020 8303 2525 where Lisa or Vidya will be happy to assist you!