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Help and Advice with your CV

The CV is used to introduce you to a potential employer. It should present you in a good light and in a well-structured and concise way. A well-written CV should firstly show what is most important about you, but should contain all relevant information.

At the top of the CV - Write your full name.

Personal Details

- Address and telephone (daytime, evening, mobile)
- Email address
- Nationality (work permit if applicable)
- Languages (include level of proficiency)

Education and Qualifications

- List higher education and degree qualifications first, including name of institution, dates and grade achieved.
- Mention any earlier general academic studies in brief.
- Include details of professional training, place of study and date of qualifications.
- Also list relevant training gained within the workplace.

Career / Employment History

This is your main chance to market yourself so don't undersell yourself, but be truthful.

- Show the achievements that you have made in your career and reveal the roles you have had within companies.

- Write your most current post first and include details of the company's name, your job title and dates worked (in years). If the company is not a large or easily recognizable one then write a quick description.

- Give a short description of your main responsibilities.

- Bullet-point your best achievements.

- Write what is relevant and not lots of detail which detracts from your main points.

- Give the most detail on your most current post.

- An employer is particularly interested in what you've achieved over the last five years.
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