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Getting and Keeping the Best Temp Jobs

Turn up early for every temp booking - be positive and be prepared.


Always dress to impress. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Look in the mirror and check your posture. Relaxed shoulders present an open and confident manner. A strong handshake and a natural smile give a positive picture. So you need to look good and seem confident before you have even spoken. Make sure you have some additional copies of your CV with you.


Always perform to the highest standard at all times.

Skills and Experience

Make sure the client on site sees all your skills and experience to the full.

Attitude and Commitment

Be helpful and offer support wherever you see your colleagues need help. After you have finished your own work, ask the client if there is any other work you can do to help.

Will You Fit In?

Companies are different. A company's literature and/or website is a good place to pick up information about the company.

Other useful tips

- A good morning/hello to your boss and your colleagues on site
- Be cheerful and friendly
- Remember to present your Timesheet promptly at the end of the booking
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