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Top Tips for your Interview

The fact that you have an interview means you are almost there. Remember that:

- Interviewers don’t waste their time so you deserve to be short-listed for the interview.
- At this point you do have a realistic chance of getting the job.
- An interview is a great opportunity to illustrate your enthusiasm and passion for the role.
- Be positive and be well prepared.
- The following are points to take into account while preparing for an interview.

Research the company

- Look at their website. This will often provide good information.
- Contact the firm's marketing department for up-to-date literature.
Know your CV
Know your CV back to front. Be ready to expand on things you have written and be confident about talking about your main achievements.

Prepare some questions and answers

- Think about questions that you could be asked and practice your answers.
- Prepare a short career summary that you can give. Think about how to show your skills and how you could contribute to the company.
- Think about points you want to ask the interviewer. Those which invite thought and comment are more memorable to the interviewer than those which request specific detail. This is also a good way to show your understanding of the company.
Find out about the interview process

Find out the format of the interview process:

- How many interviews will there be?
- Does the firm carry out psychometric testing?
- Who will be conducting the interviews?
The day of the interview

Make sure you know exactly where the interview is taking place and give yourself enough time to get there. If you are running late, call the company and let them know.
Arrive about ten minutes early for the interview so you can sit in the reception and read the company’s brochures and press releases. Study the receptionists and watch the comings and goings to provide a valuable insight into the type of company you could be joining.


Always dress to impress. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Look in the mirror and check your posture. Relaxed shoulders present an open and confident manner. A strong handshake and a natural smile give a positive picture. So you need to look good and seem confident before you have even spoken. Make sure you have some additional copies of your CV with you.